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About this item

  • **504 Pcs Stiletto Nail Tips: Gellen acrylic nail tips kit contains 504 clear stiletto shaped fake nails which features at pliable and natural look nail. It is popular in daily routine use, the best gift for women(party/birthday/anniversary/valentine’s day/etc.).
  • **Various Sizes: 12 different sizes with 42 nail tips for each one, individually numbered 0-11. Aarranged in size order, it is super easy for you to pick your size up. The great quantity nail tips and nail sizes ensure that it can be used for everyone, for a long time!
  • **Quality And Fit: Gellen soft gel tips are made from gel, which is thinner, more malleable and more natural. They are environment-friendly, no toxic, no smell, no harm to your nails, present you natural look and feeling long nails.
  • **Great Tenacity: Made with premium quality material and advanced technology, Gellen acrylic nails tips are pliable and durable. No trace and break when bending or trimming them. Enjoy the comfortable wearing nails with our nail extension kit!
  • **Easy Press On: Gellen artificial press on nail tips is half matte with one part of back side cuved, no need to file, can help the nail glue gel stick the fake nails on nail bed better. Gellen Nail Tips Set helps you to get the long nails so pro in 20 mimutes.

Product Description

Item Name: Acrylic Nail Tips
Brand: Gellen
Material: Premium ABS Plastic

Quantity: 504 Pcs Nail Tips
Size: 12 sizes
Shape: Long Square
Color: Clear

1. Matte Texture: the fake nail tips has one side curved, save your time to file it, also helps nail glue gel better adhere acrylic nails to the nail bed
2. Pre-Shape: the acrylic nail kit comes with the pre-shape square nail tips, no need to file it.
3. Arrange in Size Order: the false nail is number labled and place in size order, which is convenient for you to choose.

How To Press On The Fake Nails
1. File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit;
2. Clean nails of any polish oil with acetone based polish remover;
3. Select the correct size nails for each finger;
4. Apply nail glue(need to buy separately) to the curved side of acrylic nails;
5. Starting at cuticle, press on to expel the bubbles, then hold for 5 seconds;
6. File and shape your new nails if needed.

How to remove false nails?
1. Trim and file the surface to destroy the protective finish.
2. Soak the nail in 100% acetone or nail remover for 10 minutes until the whole nail is sticky.
3. Or wipe your nails with a wet cloth soaked in acetone.
4. Note: Do not force or pull the nail.

**For A Longer Lasting Effect,
1. Please don’t wash hands within one hour since the nail glue gel needs time to adhere the false nail tips to natural nails.
2. Please buff nail surface and clean them to remove any excess oil before press the fake nail tips on.

For any questions about the Gellen Acrylic nail tips kit, welcome to contact us. We are always at your service~

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