Vibrant Rainbow Candy Gel Polish



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About this item

  • *36 COLORS GEL NAIL POLISH* : with Base Coat + Matte&Glossy Top Coat. Many Bright Rainbow colors can be selected for lighting up your days. The most vivid palette in an artist's hand is rather beautiful and attractive, suitable for daily life, especially for spring and summer. We are in the hope that the some pastel tones-mint, pink, green, candy color and cool blue will be decorated your nails in this fantasy life.Colorful, Vivid, Adorable, Trendy a variety of series for you to choose.
  • *HEALTHY MANICURE&LONG LASTING*: Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients and nail protection formula. With the advantage of odor-free, NON-TOXIC. With proper application, it can last up to 14 to 21 days or more, resistant to chipping and cracking.
  • *GELLEN QUALITY NAIL GEL*: 2 coats only, gel brushes incredibly smooth that is easy to apply, great pigmented colors as expected. Wears like gel, good tenacity, off in minutes, mirror shine finish.
  • *Fun OF HOME MANICURE/PROFESSIONAL FOR SALON*: A perfect gel nail set has a wide range colors, no more struggle to choose which color to light up your day. You'll find every season has your exclusive color, meet your expectation at most occasions. Packed as a delicate gift box, ideal as a decent gift for her.
  • *MATTE & GLOSSY EFFECTS: With matte/glossy top coat helps you finish 2 nail styles: classy matte nails and classic shiny nails. Different styles, but same beauty!

Note on Nail Polish  

Too Thick?
Applying every thin coat is the key, make sure the brush doesn't have too much on it before starting the strokes.


Peel off easily?
1. Remember to cap the nail edge when we apply the color gel.
2. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.
3. We can not have the polish attached to skin or cuticle otherwise it will be easy to peel off.
4. Do not apply overmuch base coat or top coat and, the thinner, the better, or it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off.

Not dry?
Please check the wattage of your lamp. Are you only curing for 30 seconds?
We suggest:
Base coat cured for 30 secs.
Gel polishes each coat - 60 secs.
Topcoat - 60 secs.
Wipe with alcohol cotton ball.

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