Three Ways to Dry Nail Polish Fast

Drying time depends on three aspects: how many coats you apply, how thick each coat is, and what type of polish you choose. It can take from five minutes to an hour. If you don’t have an hour to wait, the four easiest ways are here for you.

Thin Polish Your Nail

Nails dry faster with thin polish. Take your time while applying nail polish. Apply thin layers of nail polish. After finishing the first layer, wait for a minute or two, then use the second layer.

Repeat the process. This may take a while to apply the nail polish, but the drying time reduces.


Go For A Nail Polish Dryer

Nail polish dryers may cost a bit. But if you’re too tired of waiting for your nail polish to dry, you can buy a dryer. A nail polish dryer uses UV rays to dry your nail polish.

Put your hand under the lights to dry your nail polish in no time. You can find these dryers online.


Buying Quick Drying Products

Some nail polishes dry quicker than the others. You can go for it. It would be best if you bought instant dry nail polishes from stores or online.

These special products don’t take much time to dry because of their special formulas. They don’t cost much more than your regular nail polish.


Pro Tips for Drying Nails

Do not put your hand under warm air or cold water right after applying nail polish.

Make sure you avoid touching your nails before they are completely dry.

Wipe the brush before applying nail polish to avoid thick polishing.

Try using moisturizer.

Apply a transparent coating of polish on top.



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