Nails Nourish And Maintain

  • Appropriate intake of foods containing vitamin H:

Vitamin H is also known as biotin and coenzyme R. An appropriate intake of vitamin H helps increase nail hardness.  Foods that contain vitamin H include strawberries, grapes, milk, egg yolks, etc. In addition, foods or drinks rich in iron and protein will also help nails grow healthily.  

Nails Nourish:

Nails are also a part of the skin, and nail care should be done every day like facial care! Because the cuticle of fingernail is thicker than that on cheek, some basic product, such as  petroleum jelly, baby oil.can meet you need  to keep the nailbeds nice and moisturized.

In addition, olive oil can moisturize nails anrestore hydration, so that nails are elastic and not easy to break. Finger edge oil and nail oil in nail massage can be used to improve blood circulation and the health of your nails. 

Avoid Getting Your Nails Done Again:

If your nails damaged, avoid to apply color gel on them or cure under a UV lamp. Girls who can't stand up with plain nails can try to apply transparent nail polish.  On the one hand, their nails will look shiny. On the other hand, it is a good way to protect and grow nails.  As the nails grow,  trim the nails carefully and slowlly. They will become heathy as the original ones in around three months.  As a result, new nails are less likely to break easily.

Trim your nails regularly:

Trimming your nails regularly can prevent accumulation of dirt inside and hence you can reduce the risk of getting infected and breaking. It’s important to find a shape that works for you and try to keep your nails that shape. Soak them in hot water for 5 minutes before cutting your nails, so that your nails can be cut easily.  If you like a little length on your nails, make sure that you clean the undersides of them using warm, soapy water and a nail brush. Try not to keep nails too long though.


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