Nail Knowledge After Manicure


1.Avoid contact with acid or alkali.  For example: lemon juice, detergent, etc. 

2.After finishing nails, simple nail care should be paid attentioned to, including applying moisturizing cream and other skin care products.  

3.Avoid excessive contact with water and oil, or the gel will easily peel off.

4.Avoid doing things with your fingertips freequently. Overuse of your fingertips can make the gel peel off from your fingers, causing damage to your nails.  

5.When a nail is going to peel off, remember to use the nail scissors instead of using your hand directly. Otherwise, real armor will also flake off and nail bed will become thinner and thinner!  

6.Avoid long term manicure. Rest for 3 weeks to 1 month after a removal. Otherwise, the surface of the nail is easy to become rough and uneven.  


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