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Author:Mrs. Kelly

Great for Beginners

  • Review Add on:07/01/2022
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I got my kit today & was very impressed with everything that was in it. It had everything needed for my first at home quarantine gel set. I also did a pedicure and absolutely loved the results the polish is thick & went on bumps whatsoever. I dried each coat for 2 minutes but the top coat was for 4 minutes . When I did my hands I used a builder base because I have very weak & fragile nails. I also used a dehydrator & primer. My left hand looks a lot better than the right because I’m right handed. Overall I’m super happy with my results. This kit was well worth the $45 & the lamp is amazing. I have another lamp & the lamp in this kit is so much better. It’s just like the lamps at the salon. I’ll see how it holds up after 2 weeks & report back.


Great starter kit

  • Review Add on:27/01/2022
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Such a great starter kit for those looking to get into gel polishes. If you’re familiar with painting nails evenly then you won’t have a problem transitioning to gel. I do suggest 1 hand at a time from start to finish, I prepped both hands at once, did one hand and didn’t realize I got random dust and particles on the other hand and failed to re-wipe with alcohol. Had some minor bumps but a lesson learned.

I swatched all colors and it’s accurate to photo shown. I’m looking forward to buying more polishes from This brand.


Love this!!!!! For real.

  • Review Add on:04/02/2022
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When quarantine happened, I needed to save money, and my nail salon was closed. I got this kit and it is super user friendly and it all works great. It took about 3 times of practicing to get it right, but now my nails look as good as my friends who get them professionally done -- but mine are way way way cheaper! Seriously, I am a mother of 2, in my 30's, and live in WA state. I absolutely recommend you get this. I saw a few reviews that said the polish does not dry - this i not the case if you follow the directions. This kit is 100% worth it. I also have bought additional gel polishes and they all work great with this kit.

Author:Melissa Rauch

This mom is hooked!

  • Review Add on:17/02/2022
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I'm a mom of 2 littles under 2 and absolutely hooked. My second child is 2 months so constantly washing bottles/dishes and my regular nail polish would chip after 1 day of applying an end up on the silicone nipples of her bottles. In turn had to stop wearing regular polish until I found this set. So far a few days of applying the gel and it hasnt budged. I probably do dishes 5x a day, clean up after a toddler, baths, dogs, etc and this gel set has withstood all of that. I was worried because the base coat and polish where tacky when applying after following the instruction times but once I applied the top coat everything dried beautifully. It's a bit pricey but from what I remember manicures and pedicures can cost $60+ so this really is a steal. Extremely happy I stumbled upon this brand and they have a life long customer from me!


So far so good

  • Review Add on:20/02/2022

Took me 1 hour to do. Colors are beautiful and the gel it seems to be hard and long lasting

Author:maureen b

Works great

  • Review Add on:01/03/2022
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Just arrived and did my nails. Easy to use. Nice hard gel nail finish. Lights not hot and cured each coat in 60 seconds. Nails nice and shiny and not sticky. So far so good.


Easy to use

  • Review Add on:07/03/2022
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Goes on easily. Stays on longer than regular polish. Kit came with everything you need for a great look. Loved the colors and the matte top coat.


What are you waiting for!?

  • Review Add on:03/06/2022
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This product was easy and turned out amazing. First time using gel ever. I'm not an amazing painter but so far 100% please with the results!! So glad I purchased. If you paint your own nails already give this a try it's so worth it!!!

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