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  • Review Add on:21/07/2021
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I was really impressed at how easy this was to do especially for a beginner. The instructions were easy to follow and I loved the little curing lamp it came with. The only difficulty I had was shaping my nails since I don’t like mine too long but I will learn that in time. Overall, highly recommend and will save you money in the long run!


  • Review Add on:26/07/2021
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Very easy application process, the nails are very sturdy, and because theyr'e pre-shaped you can just apply the nails, an extra layer of extend gel, then paint and go. I LOVEEEEE this kit. Will definitely purchase again in Coffin!

Author:Gabriela M.

  • Review Add on:31/07/2021
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Such a great kit for the money and I love the little lamp. It makes doing my own nail extensions soooo much easier! Also love the pre-etched surface on nails and also shape/length of the almond nails.


Works Pretty Good

  • Review Add on:17/08/2021
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Very easy to use, especially for beginners. Packaging is really nice and I love that it’s a complete kit. I’ve had mine on almost a week and no lifting or breaking. I do feel like the nails are sturdy but could be just a bit thicker for a little more sturdiness. The nails also held gel polish really well, hardly any chipping around the free edge. I am really impressed and happy with this purchase, especially with such a reasonable price. Will definitely keep purchasing.

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  • Review Add on:25/08/2021
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Awesome product and great price. These nails were so easy to work with! I was worried about being able to file them down to the shape/length/ curve so it fit my nail but I was able to do so effortlessly. I've already decorated 3 sets of nails that I use as press on's and switch out depending on how I'm feeling or what I'm wearing. I'll be making some sets for my friends soon too!

Author:Iris K

  • Review Add on:26/08/2021
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One of the easiest make nail extensions set. Great value as well for everything in it. I think I received the stiletto tips instead of the almond, but love that they are matte& don’t need to be etched on the inside of the fake nail. Learning the right amount of gel to apply takes a bit of time, and would recommend getting a larger led lamp to make the whole process faster. Really pleased overall.


  • Review Add on:04/09/2021
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This was the product to get me started with Gel-X, and it was super easy. The UV lamp is small, so it's perfect for curing the tips one by one, with the ability to look at the nail to ensure there are no air bubbles (I bought a separate UV lamp to cure all my fingers at once). The tips are the perfect shape and sit really well on my fingers!

Author:Kimberly H.

  • Review Add on:20/09/2021
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It was nice, used a couple of times. I had lifting both times. I am going to try a different primer next time to see if I have any lifting. Love the lamp!!

Author:Dayna Davis

  • Review Add on:22/09/2021
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I usually do dip nails on my natural nails. Due to emergency surgery I wasn't able to do the dip manicure and ended up picking and biting my nails nearly to the quick. I really wanted my long nails again, so I decided to give tips a try. I didn't like the glue method and wanted gel. This kit had EVERYTHING I needed to give it a try! I however didn't like how the tips come and they run small but long, so I had to file quite a bit. I am so impressed with how secure the gel is. I am not easy on my nails and they mostly all stayed on for almost 4 weeks! It's a bit of a learning curve, one nail came off after about 3 weeks but only due to having an air bubble when I cured. The lamp included is ok. I only used it once because it's a bit of an awkward hassle. Overall I am very happy I chose this one. Definitely worth it.

Author:Nicole M. Figueroa Ortiz

If you set them right they're there to stay

  • Review Add on:05/11/2021
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Super easy to use and pretty straightforward. They hold pretty good. I haven't had them for that long but I can tell you they hold pretty well because not even 2 hours after putting them on I rammed my nails accidentally into something that would have definitely popped them off and they held off really strong. Hurt like hell but none of them popped off

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