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Author:Alexandra Parker

  • Review Add on:25/05/2020
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Love it. I have used so many different brands and this one by far is my favorite. I did not use the base coat and top coat it came with as I used a different brand. From what I can tell the bottom coat is extremely thin, and the one I use currently is a structure and goes on thick to prevent breakage. The color is absolutely stunning and does not appear to be lifting or peeling like some gel polish does. Really looking forward to using all these fun colors and will definitely be buying more collections from this brand!

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  • Review Add on:27/05/2020
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I saw some previous reviews about not being able to know which color is inside the bottle and I’m assuming they upgraded their packaging because all the bottles were the color of each polish. I was disappointed how small they were but for the price and quality, I would say it’s worth it! Love these spring colors! Love that it comes with a base and top coat!

Author:Michelle Acevedo

  • Review Add on:04/06/2020
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This set is sooo Pretty. The colors are vivid pastel. It brings base coat and Top Coat and 2 bottles of glitter and pretty pink and white flakes. The only problem i have is deciding which one to use lol. They dry very well under the UV/led lamp. I highly Recommend


  • Review Add on:22/07/2020
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I love having such a wide variety of shades to choose from. The bottle colors don’t exactly match what is inside but it’s pretty close. I use the Gellen top and bottom coat from a different set because the ones that come with this set don’t seem to last as long. Overall, beautiful colors that work well!

Author:JD Rodriguez

  • Review Add on:30/07/2020
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I love the colors just in time for spring. It’s easy to use and I can say this is good for beginners too since it’s like just putting a regular polish. I love how the bottles show the color so no need to open and close bottles to find the color you like. Excited to try all the colors in the box


  • Review Add on:30/07/2020
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Worked a lot better than expected. I applied the base coat, 3 coats of polish, and top coat with a UV light for 2 min each time. It’s been almost a week with minimal chipping (maybe one or two tiny spots near the end of the nails) and it hasn’t chipped or scraped pieces off when my puppy has nibbled on them or scratched them with his sharp teeth! I am hard on my nails and was skeptical about how well this would stay on. I roughed the nails up a little bit with a nail file prior to base coat application. Color is still a little sheer even with 3 coats. Definitely would recommend this though!


  • Review Add on:16/09/2020
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I got the spring/pastel colors and the colors are true to the photo, but they are very sheer and many need 3-4 coats - which then causes the nails to chip easier. I’ve tried other gel nail polish beads within a similar price range that was better quality and lasted longer. I enjoy the shades I got but need to do touch ups through the week.


  • Review Add on:11/12/2020
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This is some really good nail polish. I have washed dishes 3 or 4 times a day and my nails haven’t chipped yet and they have been on for a little over a week. Normally gel polish chips on my natural nail in less than 24 hours and the colors are beautiful

Author:Erika Steen

  • Review Add on:17/01/2021
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This is the pastel set. The opacity was variable within the set, some were one coat some were 4. They were less pastel than pictured and some were straight up different colors, like the purple topper that’s actually a green iridescent with some purple iridescent squares in it. 99 is shimmery, and 191 is an almost white pink. I still liked them all though so I’m keeping it, but see the attached photos for the actual colors


  • Review Add on:16/05/2021
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Might be the prettiest presentation and packaging ever, the colors are exquisite and the quality is Amazing, will buy again and it is a PERFECT GIFT SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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