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Author:alina sanchez

  • Review Add on:20/05/2019
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So these are great for the money and I’m impressed with the opaqueness of the colors. You really only need two coats, that’s better than a lot of gel polishes, especially for these pastel colors. It’s a great assortment of colors and well worth it for the money. Will buy more from this brand. But beware, they are a little thicker than other gel polishes, making them a little tougher to apply cleanly.

Author:Twylla Francis

  • Review Add on:08/03/2020
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Awesome true colors I like being able to do my own nails at home with my busy schedule its awesome to have reliable products at home


  • Review Add on:21/04/2020
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PROS: -Colors are so pretty!
-Smell is light.
-When applied CORRECTLY it does last as it says. ( super thin coats, cap the nails well and MUST have a decent curing lamp )
CONS:- Had to use 3 coats for good opacity.
-Can be difficult to get it right at first, but you get the hang of it. Your polish will peel right off if you don't apply correctly. I had to learn the hard way.


  • Review Add on:23/05/2020
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I’ve been doing my own gel nails for several months now and these ones are pretty great for the price you pay. Gel polish is expensive, so you definitely get your money’s worth. The colors are beautiful, though several are so similar that if you use them in tandem you can’t even tell (I’ve tried with both the blues and pinks and there’s barely a difference). The top coat does this weird thing where it creates these empty pockets of coverage if you don’t douse it on, so you have to make sure before setting with the UV light that it actually covered the whole nail or you’ll have to add a second coat. It says to soak off, but it peels off just fine, which is what I prefer anyways. Lasts about 7-10 days before it starts to struggle and get loose at the edges, but I’ve found that’s pretty common for DIY gel nails. Definitely not perfect, but for the price I can’t argue - most gel is $10/bottle, so you really get great value with this!

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Author: K Michelle Acevedo

  • Review Add on:04/06/2020
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The Macaroon set is sooo Pretty. The colors are vivid pastel. It brings base coat and Top Coat and 2 bottles of glitter and pretty pink and white flakes. The only problem i have is deciding which one to use lol. They dry very well under the UV/led lamp. I highly Recommend <3

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  • Review Add on:17/06/2020
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I got this product today and had to write a review. I was astonished at the quality for the price. I used to use red carpet brand which is about $10 a bottle. This is by far a better deal and the colors look great! Some of them might require a 3rd coat for 100% opacity but for the price that’s not a problem. I can’t say much for longevity bc I’ve only had it on for 12 hours but I’ll update this if it chips too soon.

Side note I was surprised that it requires not wipe off at the end. All get polishs I’ve used in the past have a sticky coat that need to be wiped with isopropyl alco at the end of curing but these seem to be completely dry.

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Author:Briana Milhoan

  • Review Add on:01/10/2020
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These are stunning and so on trend. They come with a base and top coat which is always the first things to run out. So Nice! The colors are indeed pastel, which I was worried about after several other purchases. The bottles are a decent size and they go on smooth which is always a concern for random brands. The packaging is great and makes it easy to keep them together and store easily. Love the colors and how long they last on hard gel. 10/10

Author:Erika Steen

  • Review Add on:17/01/2021
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This is the pastel set. The opacity was variable within the set, some were one coat some were 4. They were less pastel than pictured and some were straight up different colors, like the purple topper that’s actually a green iridescent with some purple iridescent squares in it. 99 is shimmery, and 191 is an almost white pink. I still liked them all though so I’m keeping it, but see the attached photos for the actual colors

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  • Review Add on:12/02/2021
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Exactly what I was looking for to make my nail design. I used this gel nail polish over some michelle nail tips and it hasn't peeled or lifted at all. It is a bit sheer which I personally like but if you do not like that, you will need a few layers to make it more opaque. Overall, I would recommend this gellen set.

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  • Review Add on:03/03/2021
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Easy to use, I really like this brand. I painted my nails on Sunday afternoon, and today (Wednesday), the polish is still on. Half the trick to getting any gel to stay is paint thickness. If you put too many layers on, the paint will peel and chip faster. Colors are light, very spring. I would have posted a picture of my whole hand, but the paint job isn't one of my best as my 2 year tried to climb on top of me or steal the nail polish the entire time I was applying it. Also, if you do have a small child, this bottle will withstand being played with.

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