About Us

HIMATT INC. Is a professional company in nail art and has brand marketing, development, design, manufacturing and retail capabilities. The company was registered and established in USA.  In order to follow the current trend of nail art and industry, we also attend shows in Italy and Las Vegas every year. We aim to fully promote the on-line and off-line influence of the brand and focus on making Gellen the world-class nail brand.


The company has passed the certification of registration of EUIPO and operates a series of nail art products including: 

1. Gel polish series; 

2. Crystal nail series; 

3. Decorative series; 

4. Tool series ; 

5. Nail film series; 

6. Machine series; 

7. Nail polish series; 

8. Pen series; 


GELLEN brand has been deeply nurtured and rushed into the nail industry for more than 20 years. It has established a comprehensive supply chain. Meanwhile, great attention is paid to maintain the stable quality of products and continuously improve pre-sale, sale, and after-sale services.

Due to the high-quality products and satisfying services, Gellen became the top 3 sellers in the categories of nail art of Amazon and reached a sale up to 200 million Yuan (35 million USD).

Nowadays, our products are exported to over 200 countries and regions worldwide and very popular by thousands of nail art lovers in American, United Kingdom, and European countries. Various sets of professional products are designed to meet different needs.

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