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Roses and Lavenders Dip Powder
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Package: 12 * color powder, 10 g

                 1* Dust brush, 1* Nail file


 NO NEED CURINGSAVING TIME: New style of nail art, doesn't need a UV/LED lamp for curing, which can avoid damaging your hands. Besides, very easy to use, just need a 3-steps dipping system to apply, 10s super-fast air dry, saving your precious time, this advantage makes DIY more simple and easier.

 SELECTED 12 COLORS - Nude Grays: flattering neutral tone, colors look natural with classy sense. Enjoy subtle and sophisticated shades with our nude colors, elegant grays also impressed you, its low-key feeling, highly pigmented, popular in all seasons and suitable for all occasions(daily/office/dating, etc.)

  NON-TOXIC**SAFE INGREDIENTS*: Gellen Dip Powder is made from healthy ingredients and nail protection formula, with the advantage of lower odor, water resistance. Resistant to chipping and cracking, no harm to the nail beds, ideal for home DIY and professional salon.

  LONG LASTING**AND DOUBLE SHINY: Gellen Dip powder used advanced durable pigment formula. It can easily keep the nails shiny looking for about 2 weeks+. No worry to wash dishes or do regular household duties that affect the durability.



1. Take a skin test before applying gel, wait for minutes to check for any allergies.

2. Please make sure your nail is clean and smooth before you use this kit.

3. Avoid getting products on cuticles when applying the base coat. 

4. Keep away from heat or flame / Keep out of reach of children.

Step 1: Buff your nails lightly and clean nail surface.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of BASE.

Step 3: Quickly dip your nail into the dip powder at a 45 degree angle and wait 10s to dry.

Step 4: Remove your nail and brush off excess powder with a soft brush.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 once or twice to have the thickness and color effect you want.

Step 6: Apply dip ACTIVATOR (just one layer) and wait 10s to dry.

Step 7: File the surface of the nail smoothly

Step 8: Apply dip activator again (just one layer) and wait 10s to dry.

Step 9: Quickly apply a thin coat of top gel TWICE. (Air dry for 10s)

Step 10Use brush saver to clean the brushes.

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