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2022 New Waterproof Nail Sticker



About this item:★ Included: You will get 5 unique designer nail art sticker sheets, each filled with gold quality decals. Every sheet is different! Stickers come in a variety of sizes and designs.★ Unique Design: Take your nail game to the next level. Our nail stickers are perfect for any occasion. This sticker set includes, Roses, Kisses, Love, etc. A perfect variety of stickers to come up with countless creative, cute and cool designs.★ Material: Our nail decals amazing adhesion and can be easily peeled and applied to your beautiful nails.★ Applications: The perfect nail set for nail artists..

Alcohol Prep Pads 200 PCS/BOX



About this item★MATERIALS: soft and absorbent,non-woven pad★QUICK & EFFECTIVE: Strong cleaning power and quick drying★STERILE: Each pad is individually wrapped and sealed to keep it sterile and moist★ 76% SATURATED: Saturated with 76% Isopropyl Alcohol for optimum protective action★ GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Separate and small package is suitable to take with...

Easily Removes Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish



About this item★ SALON LEVEL: Proving you a great gel nails removing experience.★ QUICK & EFFECTIVE: Get nail polish off your nails in 5-6 minutes use it at home, saving you time in the nail salon so that you can do more.★ NON-IRRITATING: Polish gently without damaging hands, Dose not dry our surface or skin.★ GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Separate and small package is suitable to take with.★ NO RESIDUA: Impregnated with 99% acetone. Easy to wash...

Poly Nail Gel Dual Form, 10 Sizes



Specification:10size, 10 Tips Each Size, 100pcs/boxAbout this item★ Perfect Length and radian to make you perfect nail extension.★ Two kinds of scale on the nail form surface.★ Pre-numbered 0-11 on tips, easy to keep track of and convenient to choose the suitable size.★ Multi-Application: Suitable for nail salons and home manicure, can be used for building acrylic nails/gel nails/Poly Nail Gel, perfect for painting clear nails .★  Easy and Friendly to use: Special curl designed on one end, easy to take it off after applying...

Shiner/Flex/Edge File Kit



About this item   Professional Nail Filing Tools  Indispensable need in salons and home  Premium quality materials imported from Korea  Washable nail file - can be rinsed with water  Different grit combination, function differently..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)